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  • What is ApeiroUtility?

    ApeiroUtility provides products and services that allow anyone to live on Crypto Assets more easily. ApeiroUtility provides a catalog of brands and services that can be purchased using APU worldwide. By using APU and TRC – 20 technology we provide safe and private user experience with fast digital delivery to anywhere in the world. You only need to provide an email address to receive a receipt, voucher codes if applicable, and customer service.

    When is my order delivered?

    Your orders are delivered as soon as payment is secured. Payment are accepted instantly when utilizing the tron network. Tron transactions valued at less than 200 TRX with a sufficient transaction fees or energy, and Other transaction types and Crypto Assets may require more network confirmations before payment is accepted and your order is delivered.

    What is our refund policy?

    If an order has failed to be delivered (this, unfortunately does happen sometime due to operator issues), we will refund the Crypto Assets paid as soon as we can, after you send us a refund address. If you haven’t received your refill or voucher code, please email us at info@ApeiroUtility.com or respond to your receipt email and we will check into it. Please provide all useful order info that you have (order ID, email address, or the phone number you are topping up) Note: if an order has been delivered successfully, we are unable to cancel it. So please make sure you’re sending to the right number/email. We cannot refund successfully delivered voucher codes; please ensure you are ordering the correct product!

    How fast does customer service reply?

    We usually reply within a few hours, but please allow up to 24 hours. If you have submitted a support request to info@ApeiroUtility.com you do not need to try to contact us in social media or other place. We work hard to support customers as quickly and effectively as possible!

    Do I need a ApeiroUtility account?

    We do not require you to create an account with us to shop, but we do provide this as an option. Registering a ApeiroUtility account allows you to keep a balance with us, which can be used to purchase any of our offered products or services without having to pay blockchain transaction fees, and without having to wait for payment confirmation. This is a great option for recurring customers that want to save on fees when making frequent purchases.

    Creating an account also allows you to add two – factor – authentication, review your order history, and participate in our referral & loyalty programs.
    A customer may request a refund of any unused amounts in their account balance. This may take up to 24 hours to process.

    How do I acquire APU?

    People buy it from most popular dex ( Decentralized exchange ) Justswap

    Which wallets does it work with ?

    ApeiroUtility works with MetaMask wallet.

    My APU transaction is not confirming! What should I do?

    Sometimes during high load on the APU network, and especially with obsolete wallets that don’t use proper fee estimations, transactions don’t confirm quickly. Your money is completely safe during this time – if your transaction end up not being confirmed, the APU will appear in your wallet again.

    is my APU safe ?

    We can never access your APU beyond the coins that you send us. Your APU are as safe as the wallet you use and your own security practices.

    what happens if I send APU to the wrong address?

    If you send APU to the wrong address or send way too much Bitcoin to a stranger, there is a high likelihood that it is lost forever. It is extremely important to make sure you copy the entire text string of character of the APU address and double check that it and your amount is correct before sending a payment.

    Make sure to always double check that the characters at the beginning and end of the address you’re using are exactly the same as the address you plan to send to, or receive from.

    Why is there a 15 minute countdown timer on the order?

    The APU price is volatile. When we quote a price in WYZ we can only honor that price for 30 minutes – after which time the APU rate will have changed. If your order expired, don’t worry! Simply reload the page and you will get a new order, with an updated 30 minutes payment window.